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We're a boutique drum sample company. We create high quality drum samples and loops for creative minded artists, producers, and mixers.


make a track. win a free ipad.

This year, be the talk of all your friends' holiday parties. Enter our Holiday Producer Contest with a track featuring sounds from our Holiday library and you could win a free iPad, our Total II catalog, and your track will be featured on the homepage of our site! Click the button below for more details.

"That Sound's drum samples not only sound amazing and unique, but they add an organic feel to a track. Their loops are instant inspiration to create. These guys have spent time, creative minds, and good ears to make the best samples out there."


Prince, Eric Clapton, Beck

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400 free samples

Gratis is our Free Sample library. It contains over 400 samples and sounds from various libraries in our catalog. If you're looking to get started using our sounds but are unfamiliar with where to start, we recommend starting with Gratis. Create a That Sound account and this library will be waiting for you in your downloads.


it's simple, really.

Getting started with our drum samples is as simple as . . . 


Browse the samples.


Download the ones you like.


Create the music you love.


don't settle

Why settle for average, uninspiring drum sounds? You don't have to. Download our Manifesto and learn how That Sound is changing the way people think about drum samples.


"Since I came across That Sound, their samples have been making their way into all of my work. Simply put, they sound huge, powerful and professional right out of the box and into the mix."


Walk the Moon, Neon Trees




With exclusive downloads, tutorials, free resources, and incentive pricing, Empire is the best way to start and stay up to date with That Sound. Get in on this goodness!



There are more ways than ever to earn points on your favorite That Sound products. With our new Legacy Rewards Program, you can earn Legacy Points when you make purchases, interact with us on social, tell your friends about us, or celebrate a birthday. It's the best way to take dollars off the libraries you want.