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by dustin burnett

Welcome to the sounds of tomorrow. Carefully crafted with modern technology and design in the forefront, the Future library is like none other. This library’s samples and loops defy genres and are ready to propel your tracks into the future of music. You'll discover dirty, thick kick drums and tight, snappy snare drums derived from hybridizing classic drum machine samples with acoustic drum tones. What’s your thing — hip-hop, pop, trap, dubstep, house? Whatever you’re into, Future will help you break away from those overused 808 drum samples. Inside the box, you’ll also find a well-organized pile of loops, sequenced straight from classic and modern drum machines. Future offers over 400 unique one-shot samples and over 200 individual loops — all recorded through API and Neve preamps with the levels cranked for maximum color. If it’s time for something different, put your factory 808 sample pack away and grab this library.



by That Sound

tech specs


454 individual one shot samples, 107 kicks (aggressive, big ugly, dirty verby, tape saturation, tight, wide), 81 snares (flame, aggressive, future, tight), 40 claps, 80 hats and cymbals, 27 toms, 134 whips, reverses, 808 pitched kicks and extra fx


301 individual loops, tempos ranging from 80 – 154 bpms in a variety of grooves and feels

(Expansion Vol. 1 contains 60 new loops with individual stems)


Ableton, Reason, EXS24, Battery 4, and Maschine 2.

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Computer driven. Design inspired.



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