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by that sound

Festive holiday songs deserve charming percussion that breathes real spirit into your tracks with great depth and detail. The Holiday drum sample library is a concise percussion library with jingle bells, sleigh bells, bell trees, finger cymbals, wood blocks and more. The sounds in this library were performed by our good friend, Eric Darken, percussionist on our Organic Percussion library. Download the Holiday library and bring your own tracks to the holiday party. You'll be the talk of the party and your tracks will be what everyone's vibing on. Just don't forget your mistletoe.


tech specs


21 chimes and finger cymbals, 12 hand drums, 67 jingle bells, sleigh bells and bell trees, 29 wood blocks

. . . may also include lots of holiday cheer.



Imua Garza was the winner of last year's Holiday Producer Contest. We loved Imua's use of the Holiday samples and his musical transitions from one section of his track to another ... not to mention dude's a killer guitar player. Click below to check out Imua's rendition of the holiday classic Carol of the Bells and give him an Instagram follow here.


Imua Garza



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