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by that sound

Festive holiday songs deserve charming percussion that breathes real spirit into your tracks with great depth and detail. The Holiday drum sample library is a concise percussion library with jingle bells, sleigh bells, bell trees, finger cymbals, wood blocks and more. The sounds in this library were performed by our good friend, Eric Darken, creator of our Organic Percussion library. Download the Holiday library and bring your own tracks to the holiday party. You'll be the talk of the party and your tracks will be what everyone's vibing on. Just don't forget your mistletoe. 


tech specs


21 chimes and finger cymbals, 12 hand drums, 67 jingle bells, sleigh bells and bell trees, 29 wood blocks

. . . may also include lots of holiday cheer.


make a track. win a free ipad.

This year, be the talk of all your friends' holiday parties. Make a track using sounds from our Holiday library and you could win a free iPad, our Total II catalog, and your track will be featured on the homepage of our site! See more details below.



download holiday

If you've purchased or downloaded the Holiday library already, you're a step ahead!


create your track

Create a track using sounds from the Holiday and other That Sound libraries. Keep it under 90 seconds.


Upload your track

Upload a downloadable .wav version of your track online ... preferably to Dropbox.


email your track

Email us a link to your track here.

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make it your own.

You don't need to re-make Jingle Bells or Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer. Make a track that feels good to you. Click the play button below for an example.


what happens next?

Once all the tracks have been submitted, we'll take a listen to each track and contact a winner.

how will a winner be chosen?

We'll choose our favorite track based on originality and best use of the sounds from within the Holiday library. 

what does the winner get?

If you win the Holiday Producer Contest, here's what you'll win:

  • A Free iPad (128 GB in the color of your choice)
  • Our Total II catalog
  • 1000 Legacy Points
  • Your track will be featured on the homepage of our site from December 18 — December 31, and become an official demo track for our Holiday library.

what are the requirements?

In order to win the Holiday Producer Contest, you must: 

  1. Have a That Sound account.
  2. Have the Holiday library inside your account. 
  3. Use samples from the Holiday library in your track — but you can also use other drum samples as well.
  4. Keep your track 90 seconds or less ... anything longer might not get a listen.
  5. Be a follower of @thatsounddrums on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

what's the deadline to submit a track?

All tracks must be submitted by 5pm (CST) Monday, December 11th. 

** Each contestant can only submit one track. If you send us more than one track, we will pick the first one you submit.

Good luck, music makers, and thanks for participating!