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performed by the music city mystique

Tight marching snares, pitched tonal basses, quads, hand cymbals and everything else you need to bring the drum corps to your next studio session. The search for drum corps samples and loops is over. Let’s be clear. This library isn’t just for the intro to your favorite college football show. No, no. Drumline was created for music producers to layer and compose with the punchy, determined articulation of a real drum corps. This library gives Hip-Hop and Pop producers ammunition to “up” the energy level of their tracks. We put in long hours with 7-time world champions, the Music City Mystique. And we came away with a collection of multi-velocity samples, mixed naturally and with great width, so it feels like you are standing in the room with a real drum corps. Inside you’ll find live performances recorded both in groups and as separate parts (bass, snare, tenor snare, cymbals). Mix-and-match these parts to create endless combinations of your own unique Drumline loops. You’ll also find loops in a variety of styles and tempos, pre-built kits, and a digital storybook.



by That Sound

tech specs


916 total one-shot and multiple velocity samples, 5 tonal basses with hard and puffy mallets (individual and group hits), 12 articulations of marching snare group samples, tenor quads with hard and puffy mallets in multiple articulations, 11 articulation of hand cymbals


400 + individual song loops, 700 + individual rudiment loops, tempos ranging from 70 – 160 bpms, all in both .rex and .wav formats. Loops come as both full arrangements and individual stems to that you can mix and match to customize your own loops.


Ableton, Reason, EXS24, Battery 4, and Maschine 2.

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A producer's drum corps.



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