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Drummer Packs

All of our samples are mixed so that they will fit great into any song with little to no processing. At the same time, they won’t box you into a sound: i.e.: too rock or metal. You can easily get more aggressive with compression/eq/distortion.

In addition to our fancy awesome name-association organization, our DRUMMER samples by PAUL MABURY, DARREN KING, NIR Z / JEFF JULIANO ICONS, and BEN PHILLIPS are put into 4 categories:


This is only the close microphones, and they are perfect for tight drums on a record.


This is our personal “Natural” blend of the close microphones, drum overheads, and just a small touch of room mic. These lively clean samples work in a multitude of situations.

We also has Overhead Only mic options on some libraries


This is our personal “BIG AND ROOMY” blend. These samples are large and in charge, using all microphones with the rooms cranked.


These samples are only the room microphones. Blend these with the DRY or NAT samples to get more width, depth and dirt. Some libraries have 2 room options.

Using with Trigger

We are a big advocate for Steven Slate’s Trigger. We feel its the best out there for augmentation of drum samples or drum replacement. Here is a link:

You can download and use our FREE presets.

We’ve set up DRY, NAT, and ROOM presets for you. There is no BIG preset because the BIG drums are the NAT drums mixed with an ample amount of ROOM sample. We wanted you to be able to do your own BIG sample there within Trigger.

Producer Packs

Our CONCEPT libraries starting with ELEMENTS, ORGANIC, FUTURE, 1985, CINEMATIC POP and more are built specifically as mostly One-Shot samples for artist and producers. However, mixers will be able to use many of these samples in their hits as well.

The producer samples are a variety of big, useful, current and modern sounds, to vintage and throw back sounds. There is a dynamic variety of Kicks from super large, to tight and attacky. Snares that are huge and verby, to super tight. Additionally some amazing uplifters, transition fx, claps, and just plain banging on things in the studio. There are hundreds of one-shot samples in this pack.

A link for a zip file will come via email and in your account.

Heres the way to get them loading –

  1. Copy the Presets for EXS24 to MAC HD > Library > Application Support > Logic > Sampler Instruments
  2. Launch Logic
  3. Launch EXS24
  4. In the green menu bar hit “Refresh Menu”
  5. Your presets should be good to go.

However if this doesn’t solve it there is another step to find the missing samples themselves.

EXS24 has a system to resolve sample duplicates, so the way we’ve been able to solve this is to make EXS24 ask us which file we want. You only have to do this once.

  1. Copy the folder containing all the samples. Paste it somewhere else – if it’s not in this folder MAC HD> Library > Application Support > Logic > EXS Factory Samples     you can create this folder at this location and make a folder inside called “DRUM SAMPLES” or whatever. Paste them in there.
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Launch Logic
  4. Launch EXS24
  5. In the EXS24 preferences (under ‘Options’ on the interface for EXS24 itself) make sure it’s set to ALL VOLUMES under “Search samples on”

Now go to the preset menu on the front of EXS24 and hit ‘refresh Menu”
You should be able to load kits and it should ask which file location to use.
Here is a video to help you go through this process:

THAT SOUND is 44.1 X 24 bit WAV file.

Many of our libraries have playable presets for Battery, Maschine, Logic EXS24, Ableton Drum Rack, Reason, and Trigger 2. Purchase the DELUXE version to get these presets!

Here is a list of the current ALIASES. We will update this list as we release new packs.

  • TS DRUMLINE the alias is DRUMLINE
  • TS NIRZ / JEFF J the alias is NIRZ
  • TS ORGANIC the alias is ORGANIC
  • TS FUTURE the alias is FUTURE
  • TS 1985 the alias is 1985
  • TS DARREN KING the alias is DK


Some older installations of Logic will be able to open REX and RX2 files without any additional steps.

However most 64 bit installations require the installation of the Propellerheads REX Shared Library.

This is available directly from the Propellerheads site here.

Installation is relatively simple but there is an additional step required to enable Logic to use the RX2 files.


  1. Download and extract the .zip file Install and run the installer package Install_Rex_1_7_library.pkg
  2. Download and extract the .zip file launch the file SetRexFolderPermissions.command
  3. Terminal will open – enter your password to set Permissions for the Rex folder.
  4. Launch Logic and enjoy dragging and dropping your Rex files into the Arrange window.

The drummers packs (Paul Mabury, Ben Phillips, NirZ, Darren King) are multi velocity drum samples. So for each snare there are multiple hits of each in each folder. Additionally you receive different versions of each drum, from dry, to natural, to big, and room mics. So it gives you a more “real” approach to drum programming or re-triggering.

No, you can’t download these Wav files to your iOS device. However we are considering developing an app.

A. There are various ways to utilize the samples within a DAW.

1. Audio on Grid

This is usually the way to get started using samples without using them from inside a Sampler. Many producers still use this method as the timing is rock solid.

Create a track for each element – Kick, Snare, Clap, FX etc, and simply paste the sample where you want it. Kicks on Beat 1 and 3, and clap on beat 2 and 4, for example. It’s simple enough to copy and paste regions to create beats and song sections and the timing is tighter than MIDI.

2. Using a Sampler

We have presets for Battery, Maschine, Logic EXS24, Ableton and Reason which enable you to use MIDI notes to trigger sounds. The advantage to this is that you can very easily swap out samples after you have made the beat by simply choosing different sounds from inside the sampler, without having to re-program the beat. This is how most people utilize drum samples to program beats.

3. Drum replacement / triggering

Using a plugin such as Slate Trigger, you can augment or fully replace the drum sounds in your session with Samples. The plugin senses when the original sound is being played and triggers the sample to play at the same time. This works great if you have recorded drums that you want to use but the sounds are not quite how you want them.

A : Yes you can. However the samples must be converted to 16bit. Also depending on the version of the SPD you have, you may also need to shorten the name to 8 characters.

Here is a video of how to use iTunes to create 16bit files from our 24 bit versions.

A: Here is a video walk through explaining the process :

A: Here is a video walk through explaining the process :

A: ABSOLUTELY. Once you purchase them (or download the free content) you are welcome to use them in any and all of your projects – commercial or otherwise – with no additional fees or strings attached. You can’t however re-sell, repackage, or include them in a new sample library. They are strictly for use within your productions and tracks.