Paul Mabury Drums Include

  • KICKS (7):
    Chunky - Gutsy - MoTone - Sixties Thump - Supersizer - Thudwig - Tighty
  • SNARES (10):
    Billy Jeans - Crispy - Dumpster - Gunshot - Low Crusty - Sizzle Bang - Smack Beauty - Snappy - Splat - Textbook
  • TOMS (2 sets):
    Beardy - 70's
  • HATS (2 sets):
    14" - 16"
  • We've included free presets for Steven Slate's Trigger.

Paul MaburySignature Drum Sounds
Recorded at the Sound Emporium

Collection Price: $35.00

Paul Mabury Drums is a collection of Paul's favorite drums, tuned in his style, and recorded at the legendary Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, TN. This drum pack gives you 7 Kick drums, 10 Snares, Toms, and more that all sound fresh and real. Paul's drums are vintage in vibe, but modern in application. His drum samples are a little rough around the edges, but sound perfect in songs. The huge variety of drum hits allows you to use them in almost every music genre. Paul's drums were recorded through a Trident 80B and then mixed by Dustin Burnett. Whether you are staring a song from scratch with Paul's drums, or layering his sounds on an existing drum performance, you will instantly gain more sonic depth and color to your songs.

We would like to give a special thanks to the amazing staff at Sound Emporium.

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