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Nothing takes a nice groove and gives it depth like good percussion. So why then are good percussion samples and loops so hard to come by? Most of the existing percussion sample libraries only highlight a few instruments and they all sound pretty lifeless. Seriously, if shaker and tambourine samples are gonna sound stale, why not just play and record them yourself? Well, that’s exactly what we did.

ORGANIC PERCUSSION is the last percussion sample and loop library you’ll ever need to buy. And there’s no one better we could’ve teamed up with than legendary percussionist, Eric Darken. Eric’s body of work is as thorough as they come. Taylor Swift, James Bay, Keith Urban, Bob Segar, Carrie Underwood, and Shirley Caesar are just a few of the notable names from his endless resume. We knew we needed Eric’s unique style and rhythmic approach to make sure this library was the most exhaustive of its kind… and he certainly didn’t disappoint.

ORGANIC PERCUSSION features multiple performances of 10 different tambourines, 6 different shakers, 3 brush snares, and a host of other percussion instruments. Inside the box, you’re looking at over 200 one-shot samples. But the highlight of this library are the 1470 total loops with tempos ranging from 70 bpm – 140 bpm.

With all of these tools now in one place, feel free to put your tambourine back on the shelf.

Deluxe also gives you more flexibility by adding presets for multiple platforms. See the Tech Specs tab to learn more.

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All loops are long 4 or 2 bar phrases.

All Tambourines and Shakers include 10 performances for each tempo.

Even 8s and 16s, Accent 8s and 16s, Double Accent 8s and 16s, Downbeat Accent 8s and 16s, Up Accent 8s and 16s

Two Brush Snares include 10 performances for each tempo:

Even 8s and 16s, Train pattern 8s and 16s, Groove pattern 8s and 16s, Downbeat Accent 8s and 16s, Up Accent 8s and 16s

One Brush Snare includes one basic all purpose “swooshy” pattern for each tempo

Cabasa includes Wide 8s and Tight 16s for each tempo


Tambourines: 800 Loops

Shakers: 486 Loops

Brush Snares: 168 Loops

Cabasa: 16 Loops


About the One Shots:

There are a variety of one shots from each Tambo, Shaker, Brush Snare, and Cabasa to make any loop on your own.

Also included are bass drum samples, cross sticks, blocks, rock boxes, hand layered live sounds, and more gorgeous organic sounds.

Over 200 total one shots.


The Deluxe version of Organic Percussion contains custom, pre-built kits for Ableton, Reason, NI’s Battery 4, Maschine 2, Kontakt 5*, and Logic’s EXS24.


*Please note: A full version of Native Instruments’s Kontakt 5.5.1 (or above) is required in order to use the presets. This library does not work with the Free Kontakt Player.