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Organic Pack Includes

  • Over 800 unique samples:
    Bangs and Hits
    Claps Big Spaces
    Claps Small Spaces
    Kicks Studio and Living Room
    Kicks Warehouse
    Rims n Clicks
    Snaps Big Spaces
    snaps Small Spaces
    Snares Warehouse
    Stomps Big Spaces
    Stomps Small Spaces

    Almost 400 loop variations WAV & REX:
    Battlefield 75bpm
    Boom clack 72bpm
    Bounce Groove 72bpm
    Brush Soup 95bpm
    Brushes 84bpm
    Dirty 74bpm
    Epic Beats 75bpm
    Flutter Cross Stick 92bpm
    Greasy Groove 82bpm
    Haunted Bossa 92bpm
    Hos Anna 78bpm
    Just Brushes 84
    Linear HH 78bpm
    Motown 124bpm
    Push Brush 87bpm
    Rim Stink Face 78bpm
    Saucy 92bpm
    Slushy 78bpm
    Smoke Signal 98bpm
    The Arcade is On Fire 120bpm
    Thor 74bpm
    Three Four Grooves 125bpm
    Tribal Toms 80bpm
    We will Queen You 80bpm

OrganicPaul Mabury + Dustin Burnett

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This huge collection of over 800 unique natural samples, ranges from claps, stomps, bangs, clacks, snaps, kicks, snares, toms, toys, slaps, swells, and more. The concept was to record these most used and needed samples in various spaces. The spaces were three recording studios, a living room, hallways, foyers, a dining room, bedroom, and a 7500 sq ft warehouse. Multiple versions of each sample in each space were recorded allowing for maximum flexibility and realism when programming.

The pack is completed with almost 400 drum loops performed by Paul Mabury. A wide variety of styles and tempos combined with a large amount of variations on the loops make them vital for music production. Every loop is available in WAV and REX formats.

Organic Drums was engineered and mixed by Dustin Burnett on boutique Lawson microphones and API and Neve preamps. Organic Drums is more massive than the name can describe, and is ready to drop into any session!

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