THAT SOUND is a boutique drum sample company that specializes in recording drum samples for the creative minded artist, producer, and mixer. We take pride in capturing great drum sounds through amazing gear. We organize our drums based on how they sound and by giving them unique names, allow you to quickly find the drum sample you have in mind for your song.

After years of dissecting drum samples libraries that were poorly organized and badly named, Dustin Burnett resorted to creating his own drum samples after each recording session. Paul Mabury was frustrated with the way samples never sounded like anything he wanted to hear unless he altered them himself. The idea of a fully finished beat or loop that could be added directly to a track with no manipulation was the spark that ignited THAT SOUND.

Each pack is created for a specific purpose and the driving force behind every product is personality. We want to continually provide you with fresh content inspired by the people creating it.

Our highly organized, name-associated libraries let you continue to be creative while you are adding samples or loops to your song. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, producer, or mixer. You will be able to dig into our libraries based on That Sound you are looking for in your song at the moment.

Today, THAT SOUND provides thousands of drum beats and loops to producers, song-writers, musicians, and mixers every where in the world. Our clientele reside in over 30 countries and it just keeps growing. So join the movement, download our packs, and get THAT SOUND in your songs.